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Who is a pawn broker?

A pawnbroker is an individual who runs a business of offering secured loans by using customer's personal property as collateral. Hence, the person running the pawn shop is a pawnbroker. Pawnbrokers don't just provide loans, they also buy and sell merchandise from the customer or to the customer. Unlike what some hollywood movies present them as, pawnbrokers are actually business owners with a state issues licence to conduct their pawning business.

What is the best place to get fast cash for gold or silver items?

A pawn shop. Yes, a pawn shops. It may be a shock to hear it, but a pawn shop is the place where you will get cash on the spot for your valuable items. On top of that, pawn stores do not charge certain fees and hence you may end up making more money than taking the product to a jewelry store. Pawn shops are well known for handling with gold and silver products. Almost all the pawn shops that are located in an area will accept gold or silver, the only difference would be the price they would offer. Hence it is always recommended to go around a few places before you decide to sell your item. In either case, a pawn store is the fastest way possible to get cash for gold or silver products.


pawnshopslocator.com is probably the best tool you could have to locate all the pawn shops in your locality. Our website has a listing of all the pawnbrokers in your area and also provides details on different products they would like to buy or sell. On top of that, you also have an option to email or call the pawnbrokers to get an appraisal online so that you would not have to drive down there and not get the deal what you are looking for.

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